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HELLO WORLD! I’m  home page of Shunya , my creators are bringing me to life with capabilities to empower every THING on this planet to have its own intelligence so it can manage much of itself and humans have more time to focus on their passion and create a beautiful world for all of us  .


Some details about me:

1)I am born and being currently raised in Pune,India.

2)I will be open source and available to all soon (2021)

3)I will have AI on edge capabilities .

4)I will set new frontiers on O/S expectations in IoT domain

5)Education will remain a key focus and we will expand the pie by partner and skill education.

You can visit : to see how it is shaping up

Know more :

If you want to know me a little earlier before the world knows me . Get in touch with @Nikhil Bhaskaran 

Join us :

Our community initiative –  up skills students in Operating System and AI fully FREE .
Over 30000 students have applied so far and over 700 have been trained . Like the page to know our next batch .

Awards :

On 20th October 2018 in SEAP PUNECONNECT . We did our first public demo where we showed both our o/s and its AI processing power with a face recognition application on a small embedded device .

We won the 1st runner up prize 

Nikhil is among 40 global innovators selected by ARM Link

Humbly Made in India

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