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Hands on AIoT

Dive into demos that showcase capabilities of the Shunya AIoT.

43 Demos

AI based Pick and Place Robotic Arm

Robotic Arm trained to detect objects and sort them by pick and place.

Face Detection

Fast and accurate Face detection on cheap embedded device.

Face Recognition based Robotic Arm

Recognizes face and operates Robotic Arm to give out cards.

Face Mask Detection

Face Mask Detection for COVID-19 safety measures on live Footage.

Bird Detection

Detects birds from a video.

Face recognition based Door Unlock

Unlock door using Face-Recognition on 10 USD embedded device.

Remote door unlock via Whatsapp

Unlock your door using WhatsApp message.

Farm IoT

Monitor Farms with small IoT devices that send farm data to the cloud.

Image Classification

Classify image into 200+ classes.

Remote monitoring + Whatsapp integration

Sends SMS and Whatsapp alerts to the manager when parameters cross the thresholds.

Live Dashboard demo on an Embedded display

Mainly used as an HMI interface on factory floors. Ability to create low cost embedded devices with touch functionally and beautiful dashboards

Machine Learning Dashboard

Application of Logistic regression on Industrial boiler data to predict faults in Textile production. All of this displayed as a Dashboard.

Shunya AI with Web Interface Demo

Shunya AI runs on Edge (Raspberry Pi 4) with minimal os and minimal web interface.

CCTV footage Analysis (Face detection)

Detects faces despite the person wearning face masks on CCTV video feed.

Multi-Face Detection

Shows the Capability to Detect multiple faces in a Video while Running on Edge.

Person Detection

Detects Persons in a video while running on Edge.

Object Detection

Detects Objects in a video while running on Edge.

TV and Chair Detection

Detects Common household Objects in a video while running on Edge.

Pose Detection on Edge

Detects Persons Pose in a video while running on Edge.

Gender and age based Advertisments

Embedded device(kiosk) which can display ads based on age/gender

Smart TRP Calculator

Using AI to calculate TRP and check the emotions of a Person watching TV.

Car Detector

Detect Card using Overhead camera.

Human Pose Detection

Detects poses from youtube videos.

Number Plate Detection

Detects Number plates from vehicles.

QR Camera

Scans QR code and sends data to Google Sheets.

Barcode Camera

Scans barcode and sends data to Google Sheets.

Trump's Face Blurring

Recognize Trump in video and blur the face.

ID Card Recognition

Scans the ID (Aadhar) card and store information in excel.

Electricity Bills Info

Scans the BSNL electricity bill and give Due Date and Amount Payable in excel.

Yoga poses detection

Pose estimation for Yoga.

Farm IoT Dashboard

IoT Dashboard for farms using ThingsBoard platform for Data visualisation, Alarms and Device Management.

IEC 61131 on Shunya OS

Program your IoT device using IEC 61131 supported programming Languages using Shunya OS.

Alert on unusual baby activities

Get alert on unusual baby activities like if baby is crying or baby is using the computer.

Number Plate Detection and Recognition

Getting License plate number using Number plate detection and recognition.

Change background photo in video

Real time fast human segmentation.

Virtual Drums

Playing virtual drums with hands.

3G/4G LTE with GPS on Shunya OS

Industrial IoT Gateway with Global 3G/4G LTE connectivity for remote deployment. And GNSS/GPS support for Asset Management and Tracking.

Webscrapping OCR

Once learnt, webscrapperOCR automatically search the website, takes screenshot and extract the information from it and store it in excel using OCR.

Read and Control Siemens PLC using Shunya IoT Gateway

Shunya IoT gateway supports S7 protocol which can be used to read data from Siemens PLC's and send the data to the Cloud.

Human Activity Recognition

Takes video/camera stream as an input and recognizes human activities such as running and jumping.

Seven Segment OCR

Takes seven segment image and gives the number output on text format.

Medical microscopy: Cell Anomaly Detection

Detecting Anomaly Cells from Miscropy images with basic image processing techniques.

ID Card Detection

This method uses basic image processing techniques to implement ID card detection and cropping.