Shunya O/S Beta Release

NAMASTE! I’m Shunya O/S, watch me take baby steps on this page. I ‘m still learning, so please guide me if I stumble.

I can be installed on …

Dev BoardsDocumentation DownloadsStatus
Raspberry Pi 4LinkLinkTesting
Raspberry Pi 3 LinkLinkTesting

Support for these Dev boards coming soon…

  1. Dragonboard410c


Q) Which image should I download ?
A: Shunya O/S offers 3 image types. Tiny, Minimal & Console.

Use Tiny image when you want a lightest O/S footprint for final deployment.

Use Minimal image when you want a lighter O/S footprint.

Use Console image when you're experimenting with dev boards and for all the WIP (Work in Progress) stuff.

Q) What does the status column mean ? 
A: Shunya O/S has 3 states.
Stable - Fully stable image which is fully tested by our community.
Testing - Stable image which is not tested yet.
WIP - Work in Progress - Images which are in process of becoming stable.

Q) How to start ?
A: We provide Getting Started documents for all our SUPPORTED Boards on our documentation page.

Q) Where to get support ?
A: For now Please write to us at